13 WireRope Re-Wired

THAC is developing the WireRope Re-Wired© Approach as a

  1. a web based screening, evaluation and monitoring platform,
  2. management methods such as case management or the PDCA cycle and
  3. the principle, that the most effective teachers are those who have already overcome similar challenges (buddy principle).

Wire ropes consist of new strands woven around existing strands. As the name of the approach indicates, its architecture imitates the potentials of wire ropes consisting of multiple wires or strands helically wound about an axis. Wires, strands and cores are independent – that interact with each other during service. Wire ropes are resistant, resilient and designed according to needs to attain the best result for each particular application.

THAC’s WireRope Re-Wired © 

Guided by concepts of a leading research institute for mental health and dealing with trauma, THAC is developing an innovative ITC supported approach for trauma coping on modest intervention level. The approach is based on a holistic understanding of the often negative impact of trauma on body, mind and personal skills equally.

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    Wire Rope Re-Wired© is addressing multiple subjects (strands) identified and worked through by in a mini-team consisting of two buddies, equipped with a set of support tools and empathy.

  • WireRope Re-Wired© fosters self esteem and gives grip: Our approach is building on such multiple layers, making it a most flexible to adapt to and integrate cultural, social and personal needs. Such wire ropes can anchor individuals in life.

THAC response to trauma is addressing multiple subjects (strands) 


  1. The healing strands are firstly built on self-awareness, self-management and self- development, fostering altruism, skills capacity and spiritual anchoring; all being key factors for successful trauma recovery. 
  2. The capacity strands are built on teams fostering dimension also beyond mental and physical health, addressing  safety, justice, economic recovery to name a few. 
  3. The institutional strands are based on cooperative partnerships, peer support and self-steering, self-rewarding set-ups supported by ICT. Reward on interaction and results is  measured by participants.

The methodology will be standardized in order to maintain a high quality at low costs. It can be scaled up easily in order to reach more people than with traditional approaches. Even then, the methodology can be adjusted effortlessly to address individual needs thanks to the layer architecture.

In this way, strands interact with each other during the program in order to attain the best possible outcome for each participant.

Where to start with the pilot phase?

Pilot-Project: Supporting former child soldiers, Great Lakes Region

The first pilot implementations are about to start addressing projects for former child soldiers, as many comrades have not been successful in coping with their trauma and struggle with reintegration. Untreated trauma is a major cause for many to be doomed to live a miserable life.

Also, we work with colleagues in Burundi, where in the last decade conflict has affected broadly the population leaving an expected 20-30% suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences. With our local partner we will locally adept our approach to the needs of victims of civil strives and injustice. We plan to integrate our approach into the local context.

Pilot-Project: Supporting Migrants in Need, Switzerland

We also plan  to work closely with migrants in need of support. Forced migration is often related to traumatising experiences, either in their home country or on transit. There is an expected 40-50% toll of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) measured in such groups. Research proves that trauma is a significant roadblock for successfully integrating migrants into the job market and society. Through our network partners we will adapt our approach to the needs of migrants, with a first pilot project in Switzerland.

If you have any questions or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please stay tuned. We will update this site frequently in order to inform you about the latest development.

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