323 Junior at the UN Security Council

Junior Nzita’s speech to the UN Security Council in New York
on 25th March 2015

© Junior Nzita

“… I was a victim of recruitment by the armed group called Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo, created in North Kivu to overthrow the dictatorial regime of President Mobutu. I was 12 years old. I and several of my friends have been forcibly recruited in our school, and we went to war, despite ourselves, to overthrow the Mobutu regime. I have been associated for ten years and have waged war for three years. And the worst was to see people my age playing on a football field near the land where I was the guard. And the night while I watched in the cold outside the gate, I saw again the still image of these children playing and pain filled my heart. The streaming eyes I wondered quietly: O! My God what have I done to not be too like them … “

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