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Junior Nzita at the UN Security Council (©Nzita)

Junior Nzita at the UN Security Council (©Nzita)

Junior Nzita Nsuami, a former child soldier from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was demobilized in 2006; with support from UNICEF and the Congolese government authority CONADUR (Commission Nationale de la Demobilization et Reinsertion). Since then, he is committed to a global ban on the use of children in armed conflicts.

Junior Nzita Nsuami is goodwill ambassador of the UN (United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary- General for Children and Armed Conflict) and spoke before the UN Security Council; met with Ban Ki-Moon in New York in March 2015. He was also the keynote speaker at the European Parliament on the subject of child soldiers.
Junior Nzita Nsuami founded in 2010, the organization “Paix pour l’enfance” in the DRC, to reintegrate children who have been orphaned due to armed conflicts.

He tells his touching and deeply thought-provoking story in his book “Si ma vie d’enfant soldat pouvait être racontée”.

Since 2012 Junior supported many campaigns in Africa and Europe under the UN Kampage “Enfant, pas Soldier”
• “Enfant victime, enfant violent” in Uganda
• “Vie, ma guerre et mon exile” in Belgium
• “Enfant soldat pas” in France,

Starting March 2015 led Junior Nzita Nsuami invited by the Initiative “Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition” and the international fellowship on reconcilliation in Switzerland, Germany and Italy by several events.
He continued to visit schools and organizations to draw attention to the global problem of child soldiers. He referred to trauma work as a necessary measure for social reintegration of former child soldiers; He speaks from experience. Always there is his autobiography “Si ma vie d’enfant soldat pouvait être racontée”, which was printed with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Kinshasa, DRC. The book can be ordered from THAC edition in German and soon in English. Also available as an ebook.



Pictures from Junior Nzita’s Organisation „Paix pour l’enfance“ in der DRC (© Junior Nzita)