11 Our Approaches

Our commitment is to help ensure that young people of all religions and orientations can unfold free from dogmas and violence and engage themselves for a peaceful world.

People affected from trauma shall get targeted support. There are scientifically and practically proven mental and physical approaches and expertise on how to deal with trauma, on how to promote creativity and engage in the area of life skills. Approaches that promote posttraumatic growth.

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-> Sensitizing the negative consequences of experienced violence on young people.
We organize information events and publications aimed at increasing knowledge of the impact and coping strategies of trauma. We want to draw attention of the negative impact of traumatic experiences on personal development and the social fabric. We would like to point out the negative consequences for economic development and peace in post-conflict contexts.

-> Promotion of individualized and group approaches to cope with trauma
We develop IT-based tools to support organizations and people in need.  We develop these instruments currently in close cooperation with community organizations in the context of East Africa / Somalia and our commitment is to expand regionally.

-> Creative workshops / Open Studios
With partner organizations we build on projects in the field of creative activities to support in coping with traumatic experiences. We call these centers Open Studios, you may help to build this!

-> Community interests / Contact Network / Coalition
We seek cooperation with Organiationen with experience in trauma work. We are also planning an information platform of best practices. The aim is the provision of contacts for institutions and persons involved in the field of overcoming traumatic experiences. Join!

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