12 THAC Projects

Management and new technologies to support projects in the field of trauma work

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THAC supports Somali organization  SOYDEN in building a management tool for the implementation of their programs in the field of trauma healing and reconciliation (Quraca Nabadda – Peace Tree). These programs are based on the resilience approach of Eastern Mennonite University (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience STAR). The program was implemented in southern Somalia in over 40 communities and can now be expanded regionally.

Training for local leaders to deal with trauma in post-conflict areas

THAC compiled operating in Burundi organization THARS a project in the area of trauma counseling for leaders (Leadership Training). Likewise, the project will contribute to the integration of former child soldiers or militias. It should in particular train young future leaders in the consequences of trauma and their impact on individuals and communities. Also  strategies will be trained and implemented on how to develop coping mechanisms.  The aim of the project is to address decision makers in NGOs, government and private institutions on the various dimensions of trauma, justice and development equally. The building of THAR to be used as a training center in the field of trauma.

Support the reintegration of former child soldiers 

THAC supports the organization “Paix pour l’enfance” of Junior Nzita in the development and implementation of an approach designed to help former child soldiers in coping with their trauma and in the area of their integration. In this we would like to apply our approach “WireRope Re-Wired © for the first time.


Creative Arts to promote self-healing powers (Body, Mind and Skills)


THAC supports the creation of events and programs to support and strengthen in particular young people with traumatic experiences. It promotes initiatives and events of creative expression, painting and sculpture, dance, movement, music. This creates effective alternative approaches with local partners to cope with trauma.

make simple, useful methods for more people available

THAC is currently building skills, and examines methods of Organsiationen which are active with online therapy and online support in the field of trauma care.
THAC seeks contacts with universities and private providers. A Platform with a survey of treatment services and resources of these institutions will be the result of this project.
Our goal, however, is the development and implementation of a widely available IT basiereten and call individually usable methodology, which we “WireRope Re-Wired” approach. This we want to test with local organizations and implement.

For all these projects, we are in need of support.