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Welcome to the website of the THAC!

© Silvia Moser

© Silvia Moser

The “Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition” is committed to people who have been weakened by war, migration or violence.

More and more people have traumatic experiences, especially children and adolescents.

They need access to methods that motivate and empower them in their personal development. To regain a self-directed, life-affirming attitude again.

THAC advocates that trauma affected people get more direct acces to support on their demanding journey. This path is our goal.

The three focus topics of THAC

IMG_1059> Promote creative approaches and innovative methods of trauma recovery – and to make them widely accessible; so that more people with traumatic experiences get support.

-> Building projects and networks with new technologies and creative art approaches; in the field of peace-building, reconciliation, trauma care and to strengthen resilience.

-> Promote partnerships and programs for recovering from traumatic experiences in the domain of migration, in post-conflict zones and fragile contexts.





25.04.2016: The english/french website is being under construction / more information check the german page

The Advocate of Child Soldiers (D)

Im Tagi/Bund vom 8.4.2016 porträtiert Christof Münger Junior Nzita Nsuami. Dieser wurde im Kongo als Bub entführt und zum Kämpfer ausgebildet. Heute erzählt  er seine Geschichte dem UNO-Sicherheitsrat und Schülern in Europa. (siehe auch THAC Schwerpunkt Kindersoldaten)

“Born in battle” – short film – and support material for schools (D, F, I)

Short film by ArteLibera with the goal to increase young peoples awareness with regard to the banalisation of violence. The film was shown in Fribourg on march 16th 2016. Supporting documents and learning material for schools in german, french and italian.

First, you have to pardon yourself / Zuerst einmal musste er sich selber verzeihen! (D)

Kinderrechte / Junior Nzita Nsuami erlitt Grauenhaftes und tat Grauenhaftes. Ein Wunder, dass er noch lebt und sich so für Kindersoldaten einsetzen kann. Ein Porträt des Kindersoldaten Junior Nzita in der Zeitschrift Reformiert. vom 22.2.2016